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"Mum, let me go with you. There’s nothing to do around here. I’m the only one out of school and Dad’s off at work."

Rose sighed, looking at her eldest daughter. Celeste had grown up into a beautiful young woman, a perfect mix of Rose and Blaise. Her father’s raven black hair that she refused to cut, her mother’s eyes that seemed to pick up on everything and a combination of their passions for dance and food. “Minerva doesn’t even know that I’m coming over. It’s a surprise.” Celeste crossed her arms over her chest. “So, add me to the surprise. Besides, I haven’t seen her in ages. Last time I saw anything of her was when I walked past herĀ portraitĀ on my way out of the castle my last day.” “All right. You can come.” The twenty one year old grinned and walked off to scribble a note for Blaise since he often stopped back at the manor for lunch.

A few minutes later, arm in arm, the two Zabini women apparated to the front steps of the Snape home. Rose knocked on the door as Celeste looked around with curious eyes.

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    Rose nodded, running her hand through her hair, a kind smile on her lips..
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    She nodded, “Aside from the minor bumps here and there, we’re fine. Though, when he went missing for three months, I...